Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Chris Professed Faith in Christ!

Hey Prayer Team!
Great news! The guy Chris who has been praying has com to the DaVinci Code discussions all three weeks – and he has professed his faith in Christ! Isn’t that awesome! So KEEP ON PRAYING FOR Chris and his family and for more CONVERSIONS!

Our outreaches are going well – both Backyard Bible Clubs were well attended (over 20 kids each with lots of parents hanging around), our concert ministry is growing step by step (www.rootshows.com) and the ‘Kindness is Contagious’ Ministry served 192 hot dogs to a baseball league party at Milford Park!

Would you pray for….
- Growth for Chris and his family. Pray that his wife and son trust Christ too. She has more Bible belt baggage to sort through. This is a very tender time for them! And quite a change in Chris!
- Pray for Pastor Anthony’s neighbor Jerry, a former liberal pastor turned atheist. They are in dialogue about the DaVinci Code. Only God can change a heart and make a blind man see, right? PRAY for Jerry!
- Pray for the process of selecting elders and deacons for Crosspoint. In about 6-9 months we should have officers trained and ready. We have a time of prayer and discussion coming up in July.
- Pray for the growth and maturity of our members and regualr attenders. We have many children and many small groups which can be a challenge. Pray that we rest our leaders well this summer and that we make and train disciples well!


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