Thursday, September 14, 2006

Both My Families

Would you pray for both my families?

Crosspoint is moving along toward ‘particularization’ or becoming an official church in our denomination. It is a really big deal, sort of akin to a graduation and a marriage at the same time – we are completing the early part of a story, but we are just starting our life together as a family.

This makes us a bigger target on the enemy’s radar. Pray for unity and love between us!

And my literal Moon family is getting into an exciting time. Elizabeth just started teaching music part-time at DCHS (2 classes a day), so she is being stretched as a first year teacher. Her health is doing well. And we have now 3 teenagers – my own youth group – which is a joy and a challenge. Pray for Jake (Jr. at Dominion Christian High), Erica (Fr. at Dominion) and Elysia (6th at Covenant Christian). They are maturing as people, students and as believers. It is a challenging time for them, even in great Christian schools and a more stable church situation.

But, this makes us a bigger target on the enemy’s radar. Pray for unity and love between us!

So, same prayer – both families! Couldn’t do this without you all!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Slack Asking for Prayer

Hey all you Prayer folks
I have been slack on asking for prayer! Why is it that when things are going well, I don’t ask for prayer? I honestly think (wrongly) that we don’t need it! What a thick skull I have.

We have had some really great ministry happening in and through Crosspoint. Let me tell you just one quick one. We sent 8 folks to First Pres Gulfport MS for a week of Katrina home repair/outreach. I was amazed at what a job our crews did! And wow, did we share the gospel while we worked! The one couple was quite a trip – he is a non-practicing Muslim, she is an semi-agnostic from the Czech Republic! She kept asking out loud, ‘Why do you do this? Give up a week’s vacation to come build my kitchen? I would never do this!’ We told her about Jesus – a lot. Pray for Karim and Eva Amin to come to faith in Jesus!

We are starting a 2nd hour of Christian Ed this month, cranking up another year of small groups, offering two Crown ministries and prepping for our ‘graduation’ to official church. It is great to have more new folks joining us and seeing the full house is encouraging! But we are still at a tender place. Sort a bigger target for the enemy now. Please Pray for Protection and effective ministry within our church and outside it.

But WE ARE STILL IN NEED! We are getting close to selecting elders. The pastor(s) are STILL IN NEED of faith in Jesus! Whereas I have struggled with doubt, now I’m struggling with self-sufficiency and human security! Pray that God would give me and the other leaders a continual sense of dependence and joy in Jesus only.

You all rock! Thanks for praying!