Saturday, October 09, 2010

Overwhelmed! One Reason I Need Prayer

As a broken pastor, how often do I forget the army of the Lord? Often. I'm sitting here overwhelmed with some opportunities before us. Feeling alone. Man, I'm such a dope sometimes.

As a broken pastor, I need prayer. And I know it. Sometimes I even remember! Because I am broken, our elders, deacons, members and those who are yet-to believe need prayer too. Especially because I am their pastor but specifically for some options before us

Would you pray for us? We are considering BOTH a better temporary facility for 2011 and at the same time raising funds for a better permanent facility for beyond.

After 8 years of faithful growth through evangelism and mercy, our church has the opportunity to upgrade for a year while we raise funds for a faciliity to serve the church and the community as a resource center for training and community development. Crazy that we have these opportunities. 

Pray like this:
For wisdom.
Our vision for a facility is to find a location that increases our reach to those that are unreached with the Gospel and with practical help. The elders and I have some key decisions to make.

For faith. As one of my mentors Randy Pope says, we are indeed at the point where if God isn't in this, we will fail. Pray for fearlessness.

For persevering leadership. I am stretched. Doing things I have no experience with and often doubt God's faithfulness and my ability. O me of little faith!

PS - For those of you who've known us and prayed for me for a long time, do you hear God chuckling at the irony of His power and plans? I do!

Acts 4:13 comes to mind, '...they realized that they were unschooled ordinary men... astonished and took note that these men had been with Jesus.'
We're proof that Jesus will build His church and use ordinary broken people to gain the fame He deserves.