Thursday, April 19, 2007

If Our Church Disappeared Would Smyrna Miss Us?

If our church disappeared…would Smyrna miss us? What a good hard question.

Nobody starts out life thinking, “My goal is to do nothing, say nothing and never make a difference.” Everyone wants to live a significant life. Same with this church – we want the Kingdom of God to come here in Smyrna ‘as it is in heaven.’ Would you pray for God to do HIS amazing work through us?

We realize that we aren’t any better than anyone else, but Crosspoint still wants to make a difference in the city. We want to fight sin-sickness. We want to overcome poverty – physical, financial, emotional and spiritual. I hope folks can see a difference in the greater-Smyrna area because we are humbly praying and faithfully working to make this city better.

We want to see individuals and families living dignified, just and righteous lives. We want to see businesses and institutions governing, educating and serving this city with honesty and without bias. We want Christ Jesus’ reputation to shine brightly in the heart of this city. And we want to celebrate the strong work He is accomplishing while we work.

We can’t do any of that without the power of the Holy Spirit. Will you pray for us?