Monday, January 28, 2008

Broken Pastor Name

Broken Pastor

So I finally gave my blog a name, and some pictures and some videos (at the bottom of the page). Some of those are from my rock and roll days. The one with Mark Driscoll in the cemetery captures a lot of what I think it takes to plant a church. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You All Would Not Believe

You all would not believe

all the opportunities and growth I am seeing and foreseeing. Well maybe you would. Some of you have more faith than I do.

As we enter 2008, I am excited. There is great potential for reaching more and more people with the gospel of Christ Jesus.

Last night after a Ministry Lab coaches meeting, I was talking with H├ęctor, a committed volunteer who recently moved with his family here from Mexico (he lives in Tucker and leads worship at our daughter church Emmanuel – in Powder Springs!) about the hunger for the grace of God in the Hispanic church.

He said, ‘Pastor, my people never hear about grace from other pastors and churches. There is much potential here for ministry!’ (Hector and family).

Pray for God to raise up workers for the field, resources for ministry and DO WHAT ONLY HE CAN DO! Save, Redeem and Revolutionize this city!

There are great signs that God is doing and going to do a great work here. Please pray for further spiritual work in these areas:

  • In the last month Crosspoint people have planned, hosted and shared the gospel at three outreaches in the city – two parties and one car clinic at local apartment complexes. Pray for ongoing friendships and conversions for Chris, Tom and Troy.

  • Our ‘Ministry Lab’ starts up it’s 2nd semester next week and we have another 5 people (Sean, Julian, Amanda, David and Jen) signed up to learn skills in evangelism, spiritual growth and Bible study. Pray for more skilled labors to enter the field.

  • A couple of volunteer ministers from Crosspoint are hosting Financial Peace University on Sunday nights and there are 15-20 people from outside the church scheduled to attend. Pray for our leaders Powell and Jon as they help folks get out of debt and give more to the kingdom of God.

  • Our Smyrna Sr. Pastors Prayer Circle is considering meeting twice a week so more pastors can connect. Pray against the enemy of our souls who seeks to destroy God’s church.

    And on a more personal note: We just printed our first ‘funny book’ or picture directory and I am overjoyed that of the 150 or so people pictured who call Crosspoint their home church, there are people of so many backgrounds, races, nationalities, generations, economic and educational diversities. There are business people, artists, internationals, singles, families, empty nesters, musicians, missionaries to the Muslim world.

    Diversity is normal around here and yet the thing that is most impressive is the UNITY among the diversity!
    Graced by God because you pray!