Thursday, June 21, 2007

I've Been Hiding - Again.

I’ve been hiding my needs – again. I realized this morning that I’m living in ‘orphan mode’ instead of the love of an adopted son of God. I’m afraid like I’m a slave in Romans 8:14-15. Afraid I won’t do well leading the church, afraid that people will not come back or leave.
I keep hearing [lies] in my head, ‘Well things are good now, but you just never know what’s going to happen next.’ I really struggle when offerings are low and they have been the last two weeks. And I’m just weaker than I want to admit. So I hide my shame and pretend I’m fine.

Pray that I will trust deeply in the One who has this day - and what happens next - right in the palm of His hand.
Pray that I would see myself in the palm of His hand. Not that He’s going to squeeze me or hurt me, but that He’s my Father who loves me!

Further Prayers and Answers:
- The Outreach month continues to go well – Kindness Ministry, Backyard Bible Clubs, Supper Clubs, Youth Mission Trip
- There are 4 adults that have professed faith in Christ but need to be baptized. Pray that they will step forward and meet with an elder.
- We have a special guest preacher/songwriter Mo Leverett here this Sunday morning during our worship service. I’m really looking forward to his ministry with us.
- The Evangelism seminar I led in Memphis went very well. Thanks for praying!

How can I be so up and down in my faith? Who will deliver me from the body of sin!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Huge Ride in Ministry

What a HUGE ride this is turning out to be! We are getting deeper and higher at the same time!
Will you pray for:
• At least 4 couples are struggling in their marriages and/or with finances. Pray for each of them to find a trusted friend and wise counselor! It’s great that they are honest and not pretending!
• We have 4 adults that have made a profession of faith in the last few months! Pray that they will all be baptized in July.
• It’s Outreach Season. Pray for our people to serve in many ways – Backyard Bible Club in the apartments across S Cobb Drive, in neighborhoods, Kindness ministries on Saturday, helping deliver Kid’s Meals on Wheels. Pray for relationships to start, strengthen and lead people to Christ Jesus!
• A seminar I’m teaching at our General Assembly in Memphis this Wednesday. I’m teaching on evangelism in small churches – but I’m nervous and battling insecurity. Pray that I will believe the gospel and that more people will come to Jesus because of what the Spirit teaches them.
• I’m weak. I get fatigued. I’m not exercising. It’s summer. I’m going to be out of town in a hotel for 3 nights. Pray for me to be faithful and pure!

Hearing good reports from our missionaries Chad and Sonia on the field in North Africa.
Our church planter José Mateo and Emmanuel Mission are gearing up for launch in the fall. They have Hiram Elementary under contract. Pray for a strong multi-cultural launch team!
New Staff guy Jim Payne is raising support to serve with us. He’s at 42%.
Praying with Smyrna Pastors about a united day of service for our city.

We’re here because you pray!