Monday, March 14, 2011

Reviews: Everybody Loses if This 'Love Wins'

Is Hell real? 
Does it matter?
Eternal souls are at stake. 

The teasers for Rob Bell's 'Love Wins' book coming out in April set the Christian social media world on fire. It was first  based on speculation as to what the book PROBABLY said.

Well now reviewers have copies of the book. Two solid reviews by people who actually read the book are available and I recommend them.

If you don't know what 'universalism' (the false teaching that eventually everyone will be saved) looks like in the modern world, Bell's teaching in this book is one (probably popular) example. 

The reviews are good and solid. I don't think either reviewer is trying to be mean. Neither takes personal stabs at Bell. However, they take issue with his theology and his misinterpretation of the Scripture and history.

So, the book has many serious faults. Stand firm in your faith. Know the issues. Be kind in your replies and comments. 

The long review is by Pastor Kevin DeYoung. The shorter review is by Tim Challies.