Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Peculiar Church?

A Peculiar Church?

Dear Prayer Team
We are reaching a significant mile-marker on our journey to expand God’s kingdom around the world. This month we are requesting permission to organize this mission church as an official church! There are several key examinations yet to be passed, but we are making the plans.

So, does this mean we don’t need a prayer team anymore? HA! NO WAY! I am desperate for prayer! I am the weakest link in this whole church! And the stakes get higher now too. The enemies without (satan and the world) and the enemy within (my own rebellious sin-sick heart) have an even BIGGER target to aim for. Keep praying please!

- Our potential officers will be examined this month. Pray for Powell and Anne Harrison and David and Karen Daniell. Pray for wisdom and protection as they assume the role of elders and elder’s wives. This is a big demanding shepherding task!
- Pray for the teachers and leaders of our new 2nd hour Christian growth ministries for kids, students and adults. These are the KEY new leaders in our young church! We have about 45 adults and 35 kids involved. I’m helping out in the 3-4th grade class and we are teaching 80% of the kids their first ever Bible lessons (like most didn’t know where to find Genesis in the Bible!)
- Pray too for our small groups to be unified, to learn and care well for each other. We have 10 groups including 2 Crown financial groups and a new men’s group on Saturday mornings.

Thanks for praying! It spreads God’s grace to many!

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