Monday, December 04, 2006

Tactics and Countermoves

Tactics and Countermoves. Many of you have been praying for Q… as we discuss the gospel over 4 meetings. Well guess what? someone has been trying to derail things, and he is proving to be creative, if not a bit desparate.

Q and I have had 2 really good meetings. He is very hungry. He is reading John and asking good questions. Last Friday, we were supposed to meet at Zucca’s for lunch. He never showed, so I thought he got caught at the sandwich shop and couldn’t make it. Turns out he was catching a ride from a friend from the store to the restaurant and the Smyrna PD pulled his friend over doing a little, as he put it, ‘racial profiling and drug prevention.’ His friend had no liscense on him, and neither Q, so they spent the whole afternoon at the station trying to clear things up…. Can you believe it?

Either way, Q and I are on for lunch this Friday. And he asked me to pick him up this time.

If you have a minute, please pray for Quan again and
- Our baby church - Crosspoint’s first church plant, Emmanuel Church, in East Paulding/Powder Springs is in full fund-raising and prayer support-raising mode. Our Co-Pastor, José Mateo and his launch team will be starting public worship in March 2007 pending pledges for $180k over the next 4 years. Click on the link below for more info or to sign up to pray.
- The working poor – Several of our families and hundreds more in our city are struggling financially. Pray for God’s provision and mercy and warm clothes and meals for all the needy. Pray that God would lead us as we take action!
- Electing first elders – This Sunday December 10th Crosspoint will elect its first elder candidates! It is a monumental day for us as we take more steps to becoming an official church.
- Spiritual growth – We are 6 weeks into a series on Romans and it is very challenging! Pray for all of us to grow in faith and the grace of God’s gospel!

Thanks for praying for us! The Moon’s are doing very well. I hope to catch a good picture for you over Christmas!
Grace and Love,

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