Monday, March 12, 2007

Slack about Asking for Prayer

Hey Prayer team!
Wow, I’m getting slack about sending out requests. My bad. The good news in that is that Crosspoint is beginning to intercede on its own behalf and for others. But we still need your prayers!

Pray for us to labor well in our season of prayer and fasting prior to Easter.
Pray for the lost in our city to come to faith in Christ. God is REALLY moving in Steven my soon-to-be-former-pagan friend.
I’m having lunch with Edward this week. Pray for an open door to tell him how much I need Jesus.
Pray for God to clearly call deacons to serve Crosspoint.
Pray also for wisdom about starting our first mercy ministry for the city. We are praying about starting a Jobs for Life program.
Pray for our daughter church Emmanuel and Pastor José – all the funding to be pledged.

Thanks for praying!

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