Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Your Vote Does Not Count - And I'm Glad

Shocking isn't it?!

Yeah, I've been out of town celebrating my wife's birthday, but I have not lost my touch for saying things that tick people off... It's good to be home.

Here's the truth about the Presidential election. In all the fuss over who we are going to vote for (or not vote for) I actually read the US constitution the other day and it still provides absolutely no basis for a general election of the president of the USA. (Article II, Section 1)

So electing our next president is out of your hands in two ways.

One Way Your Vote Doesn't Count

If you failed to pay attention in 8th grade social studies class, here's the deal. The 50 States through the electoral college elect the President. No matter what it looks like on the ballot you fill out, you and I have no ‘official’ vote - our states commission a group of people who vote for president and they could all go crazy and cast their votes as they want - and there is no legal basis to undo the work of the electoral college. (Remember the 2000 presidential election?)

Second Way Your Vote Doesn't Count

Both our major party presidents sound like they are running for the office of 'King.'

They are making promises that they can’t keep. The President is limited by the constitution from doing MOST of the things they promise to do. The legislative branch is limited too. It’s crazy talk. Don't be fooled by either.

By the way, Christ is already King - and He didn’t need or ask for our vote.

Why I'm Glad Your Vote Doesn't Count

If you know Christ Jesus is King and in total control, then it puts this election in perspective and gives us so peace. It reminds us who believe in Christ that we are here to serve as His ambassadors. He'll take care of the political issues.

He always has and He always will.

Jesus left us with a question that puts this election in perspective: Will He find you and me faithfully serving Him?

Or are we wasting our time and energy obsessing over such a small matter as the president of the USA for the next four years?


imspeakingtruth said...

Great post Pastor Jim. Voting is a simple yet profound concept - and people actually forget the electoral process (the true process) because it gets lost in all of the heated discussions about "my candidate is better than your candidate".

If you really want to throw poo in the punchbowl, do a post about how we ARE NOT a true "democracy" (majority rule) - and how we really are a democatic republic ( we elect others to represent us and make decisions on our behalf). Oh, and we hope that they'll keep our best interest in mind, yet they always seem to cover their own...well, you get the point.

That'll really start the tongues wagging.

Pastor Jim said...

Poo in the punchbowl! lol! That is funny!

Yeah, the only real democracy I have ever been a part of is a Baptist church where everyone gets a vote about everything. Wonder how that is working out for them?