Monday, March 02, 2009

Mexico on the Verge of Anarchy?

This isn't what you'd hear on the news. While news outlets report some kidnappings, murders and such in Arizona and Texas due to the 'spillover' violence from the drug wars, what is really going on?

One former executive of a major Atlanta-based delivery company that promotes one specific color asked this question of our elders yesterday. He recounted only one horrific story that neither the US nor the Mexican governments wants publicized.

A truck full of computers travels under highest security then disappears while in the custody of Mexican border patrol. The driver shows up naked 4 days later in the middle of nowhere. This is repeated over and over. Quite a delivery route!

So let's add that to what gets reported: President Calderon sends thousands of troops to border town to quell the violence, but it only intensifies.

A decade ago 1000 pesos was so worthless, the federal government just produced new money with less zeroes on it.

Is Mexico coming unhinged?
Some think so. I fear FOR our neighbors to the South. Some of my best friends are Mexicans. I had no problem with them moving to the States to become part of our nation and now I know more. Plus I think it is foolish to be hostile to aliens seeking asylum among us (seeing as what Scripture has to say about such matters.)

Can you blame them when their government can not protect them?

What is the Christian response? to such horrible news and the threat of the instability of a neighboring nation?

I received a support request letter from an Anglo family seeking to get back to Juarez - one of the most violent cities in North America - to help train Mexicans to live and preach the gospel.

Line up to go joyfully and preach the good news to Mexicans so THEY can influence their country at the deepest roots! Risk all for the kingdom to come!

Welcome people who are HERE! Help them assimilate into our church and culture. Help them come in legally - instead of making our laws punitive to those who seek to move here! Help them learn the love of God that will compel them back home in the name of Christ Jesus.

And pray for the church in Mexico!
The word I hear from my Mexican friends is hard. Pastors are quitting their calling, church members disillusioned, seminaries shrinking. God's people are there, so let's pray for courage in the brokenness, persecution and hardships.

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