Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What are We (Supposed to be) Doing Here?

I'm a big picture thinker. An iNtuitive on the Myers-Briggs. This causes me to drive my wife and teenagers crazy and probably some of you too.

Some would say I have too many deep thoughts or that I need to take up drinking. I'm never ever satisfied. I'm working and thinking almost all the time. Some people listen to music as background noise, I multi-task on big questions like:

Why are we here?
What are we supposed to be doing?
What does God want from us?
Where are we as a church going?
How are we going to reach more people with this awesome good news about Jesus?
Where is the Church going? What is happening to America?
How are we to live productive lives in this culture?
Shouldn't we be doing more for the rest of the world?

And sometimes I get over-whelmed by it all. So much is SO BROKEN!

In the last three weeks I sat with someone who broke off a 3-4 year engagement, another who turned in a family member for child abuse, heard confessions of adultery, crumbling marriages, crushed finances and failed health.

And as a broken pastor, I am almost always frustrated that I'm broken and can't fix or address or solve any of these questions.

So I needed to be reminded of this:
[God] is committed with all His infinite and eternal might to display [His] glory and to preserve the honor of His name... He remains faithful.

So would you pray that I will pray and wait for the Holy Spirit to empower me/us with whatever He wants FOR HIS NAME?

I'm pretty sure that He is able and faithful to lead for His glory.

Maybe I'm just trying to lead for my glory not His?

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