Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Jerious Norwood and Stonewall Jackson theology

This guy can RUN!

And does Atlanta Falcons running back and return specialist have some good theology in this interview too?

Yes. He's taking risks. Risks that make you cringe a little.

Generally, Americans want life safe. Really safe. It shows in the 'avoid-pain-at-all-costs' mentality. I don't even want to be inconvenienced is a corollary. The core motivation of the health care debate is fear of what may happen - and we better avoid it!

But Norwood implies that he plays professional football without fear of what could or might happen.

And he plays football at risk of another concussion - which would be his fifth. Risky? Yes, but wow, do I like the way he plays. He is full out, leave it all on the field and if I get hurt, it is what the Lord had planned for me.

We should, like Stonewall Jackson, put our bodies and schedules and money at risk for our mighty King.

Any Christian who desires to be stronger than soggy bread, has to aspire to and admire a warrior mentality. A fight's attitude that his cause is worth it.

If your life has no cringe-factor, are you living by faith to please God? Or are you living by sight to please yourself?

Whatever you think of the Civil War (and I have a LOT of mixed thoughts on that one - my great grandfather from Tennessee was a corporal in the Union Army) General Stonewall Jackson has to get your attention too.

His faith in God's providence (God's control over every detail of life) was strong. His faith was in God's ability.

He went into every battle secure in the knowledge that he could not die from a 'stray' bullet or an 'unlucky' shot. He was sure that he could leave it all on the field. So when bullets were flying, he stayed on his horse, fighting. Risky? Sure.

Oh, LORD, raise up an army of men and women who will risk, get uncomfortable, cringe, sacrifice. And start with this broken pastor who needs to believe you are in control and that I can lead men and women into spiritual battle confident in You.


Dick Ness (aka Crash Snider) said...

I too, have trouble understanding the safety culture of modern America - even before God got through to me, I saw choices in life as risk/reward decisions. To really live life to the fullest, I believed it meant risk.

Now I believe the same, but what I'm risking and for who has changed.

But I still have a streak of prudence, which I suppose translates into something less than complete faith.

The word that comes to mind is Phillipians 1:20-21. Do I really believe that? I'm working on it.

Pastor Jim said...

Crash, I don't think prudence and risk are antithetical. God is wise and passes along His wisdom to us. And frankly I think your risk-taking is growing in faith and in wisdom.