Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Gospel Friendship Video

I love telling people about Jesus. His good news or 'gospel' is the best. Nothing is more fun than meeting people, asking questions and striking up a conversation about Christ. Click here to watch the video.

A few years ago I met Jeff at a local speaker shop. Both being former rock musicians and with a common 'audio guy' view of things, we hit it off and ended up forming a pretty cool friendship.

Over the course of the next year, Jeff really understood the gospel for the first time. I guess some would say he 'got saved' or became a Christian. I'm not big on walking the aisle and don't put a lot of stock in decisionism, but Jeff has been transformed.

And now he's telling his friends. It's pretty cool.

So About the Video

We don't have a big money video department, but by God's grace, some friends of Jeff's put his story into a 25-minute video. It's totally pro. It's called A Song of Thanksgiving.

I think it serves too as a good illustration of the process all Christians should follow to make 'gospel friendships' or what some might call the process of evangelism and discipleship.

So thanks to Kevin and the guys for making it happen. My prayer is that 1000s more people make a gospel friendship this year and 1000s more hear and receive the good news of Jesus. Click here to watch it on our church website. It's in three smaller parts.

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