Saturday, January 02, 2010

Does Brokenness Ever Get Better?

'Broken Pastor' has implications. Some think it is a downer or a bummer, like they should be sorry for me. Like brokenness is permanently bad.

Oh, it was bad, but it is good now. SO GOOD!

A wild horse, a rebellious son and a stubborn pastor all need to be broken to be made whole. Blood must be sacrificed for restoration. The gospel requires brokenness.

I am more sinful than I ever dared consider. I'm am not that good. Nor am I better than anyone else.

But I'm loved. More loved than I've ever dared imagine.

That makes the brokenness so worth it. The love of God has been proven by the brokenness of Christ.

Now I'm ruined for anything other than what My King Jesus wants of me. He broke me out of kindness. And I'm grateful. Yes it hurt - but oh, the glory of the restoration is better!

As my friends at Fractured Saints say, I'm never beyond mending.

The mending process has been great. It's the beginning of the second half of my life and I'm thrilled to be a Broken Pastor

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