Friday, August 19, 2011

'It's All Good' Tolerance Trend in Morality

"Whatever makes you feel good."
"I'm not judging."
"It's your life and your choices. There are no absolutes."

All sound so tolerant but really aren't tolerant of anyone who disagrees or takes exception to them.

And the irony is the last quote is this: The statement about absolutes IS an absolute.
The postmodern insistence on tolerance is winning over the Christian Church.Our biblical illiteracy and lack of spiritual confidence has caused Americans to avoid making discerning choices for fear of being labeled judgmental. The result is a Church that has become tolerant of a vast array of morally and spiritually dubious behaviors and philosophies. This increased leniency is made possible by the very limited accountability that occurs within the body of Christ. There are fewer and fewer issues that Christians believe churches should be dogmatic about. The idea of love has been redefined to mean the absence of conflict and confrontation, as if there are no moral absolutes that are worth fighting for. That may not be surprising in a Church in which a minority believes there are moral absolutes dictated by the scriptures. 
The challenge today is for Christian leaders to achieve the delicate balance between representing truth and acting in love. The challenge for every Christian in the U.S. is to know his/her faith well enough to understand which fights are worth fighting, and which stands are non-negotiable. There is a place for tolerance in Christianity; knowing when and where to draw the line appears to perplex a growing proportion of Christians in this age of tolerance.
Who wants to be tolerated anyway?

Don't you want MORE from life than being tolerated? I want to be loved.
Real love requires constancy. It requires truth and faithfulness. Or it was only love to the degree that one was tolerated.

Jesus Christ said, 'Greater love has no one than this than he lay down his life for a friend.' And then the next day, he did just that. He laid down his perfectly obedient life for sinners.

And that required a perfect morality in order to display a proper love. that is the Truth and the Love the church is called to demonstrate in every culture.

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