Monday, March 17, 2008

PMS: I am fighting it and I am not the only one

Let me clarify, it's Post-Ministry Syndrome and every pastor has it.
It usually hits on Monday after a Sunday when I preach, teach or have some leadership role in church, so yeah, it's pretty much every week. I also struggle with Pre-Ministry Syndrome on Saturday nights, but that is a different battle.

See, yesterday was a really good day from a ministry and family perspective. Our King Jesus showed His worth and fame to over 100 people in our first week of two services, people worshiped and served God. My family had a really good day together. I really have nothing to complain about, but I feel down anyway. Why? I'm fighting a 3-front battle with what the Scripture outlines as the world, the flesh and the devil.

The world puts big kudos on big churches and popular preachers. Why am I even talking about this? Because in my fleshly heart of hearts, I want to be famous and popular. And the devil knows it (EVERY preacher wants to be famous, don't kid yourself) so he hammers away with temptation after temptation. He puts thoughts in my head like, 'I'll never make a difference.' and 'Who am I kidding? This will never work.' See he wants me to think, and I want to think that ministry and family and health and everything is up to me. It's not.

If you are reading this and you go to my church, I hope you won't fall for the lie that it is up to me either. Who am I kidding? If you are reading this and you go to my church you are probably already more convinced than I am that it's not up to me. You know me!

So to hell with the devil. He is beaten and he isn't taking me with him. My King, The Lord Jesus has rescued me from this power of sin inside and outside me.
And to Christ goes my flesh and the world. He is able to change. Have mercy on me a sinner. Thanks be to God!

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Prodigal Jon said...

PMS, that's great. What an interesting way to describe it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. The squirrel chronicles continue as I have written a new piece called "Accountability is a Trap."

Squirrels in the attic, good times, good times indeed.