Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why Keep On Preaching if You Aren't a Mega-Church Pastor?

Why am I preaching when there are SO many better preachers on the internet?

I'm in Atlanta, land of 100 mega-churches. Why DON'T we all just give up and download Andy Stanley. Or go to a satellite location? Why keep on preaching?

Here's Why:

I am friends with a lot of pastors. One is a younger pastor who out preaches most guys but has a problem. He's bright, insightful, great connection with his people. He started a church about 15 months ago and now has 'too many people.'

Why would ANY preacher say THAT?!
Because he believes that a preacher is supposed to actually pastor and evangelize, care for and train up the people to whom he preaches. He doesn't want to be a mega-pastor. He wants to reach all the people in his parish in Atlanta - and plant more churches with real actual pastors who preach, evangelize, care for and train their flock until the whole city is filled up with local pastors locally ministering locally training and living with people until everyone loves Jesus.

I'm with this guy. You can keep your two-dimensional relationship with a screen.

I want to raise up 1000s of pastors who preach and love their people all over Atlanta face-to-face.

- 10 churches of 100 people will reach more people with the gospel than one church of 1000.

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