Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Where Are the Bright Christian Leaders in the Middle of this Crisis?

So is it better to:

a) limit a corporation's ability to attract talent or

b) keep businesses from using government bailout money to pay executives?

I read this article about President Obama's decision to limit pay to executives in companies who take loans from the government with mixed thoughts.

On the one hand I'm against corporate executives taking government money and cashing in big salaries.

On the other hand I'm against hamstringing freedoms to attract the smartest people to solve the problems of a big corporation and pay them what they are worth.

So I'm thinking there has to be another solution, right?
O yeah, it's called 'free market economy' where companies that stink go out of business and others who can do a better job take their place. Yes, people lose their jobs and pensions. It's terrible. I must be a heartless har dass to want people to loose their jobs!

Who will help them out then? Nobody - but the government. Or will the Church step up?

What is worse, for a man to lose his job or his soul? What is more terrible than joblessness is this: people are putting their faith in jobs and government to give them life. And it won't work.

Where is the church in the middle of this? What do we have to offer people? What am I doing to alleviate the suffering of those who do not trust in God but in the plans of man? I'm praying. And teaching our men how to lead their family and their coworkers to faith in Christ. I need some laser sharp men to take the lead here. Only a community of men and women applying Scripture and wisdom is going to lead this nation out of its depression - both economic and spiritual.

Where are our bright, educated Christian leaders to lead this nation to repentance and a solid economy? Believers should be leaders in the midst of this crisis! We are all created in the image of God to transform the world in which we live!

Get off you asses Christians and let's get to work transforming this mess!

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