Monday, February 01, 2010

Haiti FAIL Now #1 Story on MSNBC and Yahoo! News

When Helping HURTS gets worse.

Now MSNBC reports here that some groups are urging a complete moratorium on adoptions in Haiti. The exact opposite effect of what well-intentioned FAILed heroes from Idaho had hoped.

Here Yahoo! News also lists this FAILed expedition as their #1 story. Quoting the Prime Minister of Haiti stating that these people knew they were doing WRONG. But wait, they say they were trying 'to do the right thing.' Now a judge will have to decide.

'Trying' and 'meaning well' are not good enough. Even in their captivity, the rich Americans take from the poor and devasted.

Children will suffer more, over-taxed police are not out helping their countrymen, a devastated court system will waste time and money trying them, valuable food and medical supplies keeping the 10 fed and well get spent on people who have homes - in Idaho.

Aren't I Being a Little Harsh? Yes I am.
Why? More people will suffer because these people did not think.

The Yahoo report mentions that the 10 are being kept by police in a concrete room with no air conditioning. Good for them.


Matt said...

"'Trying' and 'meaning well' are not good enough. Even in their captivity, the rich Americans take from the poor and devasted."

Good word pastor. The truth hurts. And we need to hear it.

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

There are tough questions that need to be answered... I have some things I'd like answered too, but your last few blog posts have done nothing but fuel controversey and negativity.
I completly respect your position as pastor/spiritual leader, but we don't need another reporter.
Is God not bigger than this situation? By complaining about how difficult things have become, do we not ultimately question the Soverignty of God? This situation was no surprise to Him...

Pastor Jim said...

Kelly, first, I think you over-estimate the effect of my blog on this situation. The mistakes of this group and the leaders who sent them are grievous. My reporting and commenting take on a small role in trying to learn from this mistake.

Secondly, you are right, this did not surprise God. And He will forgive all who repent of their sin. But that does not erase the consequences of sin or foolishness.

Thirdly, forgiveness appears to be presumed. Why? Because they were 'trying to do the right thing?'

Ignorance, arrogance, foolishness and naivete are not excuses for sin.

Many will be quick to forgive. I am one of them. Just wondering if they think they have done anything wrong.

Kelly said...

Hi Pastor Jim, thanks for you response.
I'm not saying they shouldn't be kept accountable for their actions or for (what seems to be) lack of planning, but I am not sure they are accountable to you and me.

You probably saw one of their pastors say on national tv yesterday that he wasn't sure that they would do anything differently... I don't think this is a pride issue, I honestly think they thought they had all their ducks in a row.

And if they do indeed need to "repent", then we need to trust the Holy Spirit to do His job and we need to be okay with the fact that we may never see their repentance. And that's okay because if they sinned, it wasn't against you and me.