Friday, January 06, 2006

News for Prayer

7 newsy pieces I wanted you to know about and pray for:

- This Sunday begins a new series on biblical principles of money and finances. Yeah, it definitely needs a cool title. I want our focus in 2006 to be on growing unified so that we can reach out. There are so many needs and so many lost people!
One of the big limitations for the church is that we struggle with money. It kicks us down in our personal and family growth and limits what we can give to help the poor and how we can reach out to the lost. So for the rest of the month of January, José and I will be facing the issue of money, stewardship, generosity and what an awesome King we serve. I promise, no sounding like a Televangelist! (Well maybe José can do an impression…you’ll have to ask him.)

- Speaking of lost, I’m praying about having a special month this spring where we pray and prep some special Sundays to invite our lost friends and neighbors and family. Get the band to do some special music, maybe get a video clip worked in there. Maybe a sketch or two for illustrations. Pray about that with me.

- Speaking of lost, again, I got the first year of the ‘Lost’ TV show on DVD and I’m an addict! (So is my family!)

- Crosspoint Art Night on Sunday January 15th will be awesome. Tim and Gene have lined up some homegrown artists (Jeff Wood, James Steadham, Ibanez Downtain) from Crosspoint and the area for a night of music, visual art and even improv. Maybe skip small group and come out for that? Monday the 16th is MLK day, so all the bankers get the day off!

- Last one, did you hear that Pastor José passed his credentials committee written and oral exam and will stand before North Georgia Presbytery on Saturday the 21st to complete his ordination transfer into the PCA? And then he and Ana go to Church Planter Assessment Center first week of February! Lots going on with the Mateos!

- Youth Game Night Dec 28 ROCKED! If you are a youth, you wish you would have been there.

- Speaking of ROCKing and Youth, the Brogans are making plans to MOVE baby! They will be in town Friday (tomorrow) to scope o

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