Friday, December 12, 2008

Do You Think about Jeremiah Wright?

I confess. I am susceptible to media influence. I don't have (or take) time to investigate. How about you?

Like, when you hear the name Jeremiah Wright, do you immediately form an opinion? Or do you have a more informed opinion?

As a pastor it ticked me off that a soundbite of any pastor's sermon would be taken out of context and used for political purposes. I listened to the context of Rev. Wright's 'Damn America' sound bites. I challenge you to do the same. You may find to your shock that you agree with the point he was making too.

Reformed Blacks of America posted a good article that challenged my thinking in several directions. Then I took the 45 minutes to watch a more developed media interview with Rev. Wright and Bill Moyer on his 'Journal' show and I'm wiser for it.

I Agree with Jeremiah Wright
about a lot of things. I probably disagree with him about significant issues. But I'm not above learning from anyone. And I repent of my instant arrogance and judgmentalism.

I'm an arrogant fool, but God humbles me so I'll still learn about culture, diversity, theology and His Kingdom.

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Em the luddite said...

I appreciate this, Jim. In fact, I think I've appreciated most of what you said during election season. University culture was a hard place to be this fall for me. It is so important (and rarely practiced) to listen to people, and I often find myself listening to people rail against folks on whatever the other side is, realizing that they absolutely do not understand the people they are talking about. I have a long way to go, but I pray that I maintain the posture of humility that you are demonstrating.