Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celebrating Our Small (or Large) Successes

What else does en-couragement look like? Yesterday we mentioned affirmations. Noticing something good someone did - and telling them. Out loud or in writing. Here's another part:
Celebrating Our Small (or Large) Successes. 'See to it (you all) that none of you (individuals) has a heart that turns away from the living God' Hebrews 3:12. Celebrating the little (and big) things together keeps us focused on God's great kindness.

Now, there are a million ways to celebrate - but the ones that mean the most are when someone who KNOWS you celebrates WITH YOU. They give you courage to keep on going.

We face real dangers, battles with unbelieving hearts, an adversary who seeks to discourage. So...

KNOW each other. Then give away some high fives or a YES! or a hug or a fist bump. Each is part of a celebration. If you can't be there, a call, a text or email works too. Be creative!

Tune your ears to what small hurdles we face and ask, 'How did it go?' Then do a victory jig, play a banjo, dance or if you are as cool as William Rodriguez, you can say 'That's cool.' And it feels like you scored a goal. BOOM!

We are in this TOGETHER. Find a YES! to celebrate with someone today.

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