Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hold Fast to Our Courage Together

We are on a multi-week-long course to encourage one another each day in the battle against unbelief (Hebrews 3). 

So what does en-couragement look like? It's 'holding on' to OUR courage in the battle (Heb. 3:6). Christ our Mediator has accomplished the most awesome vicotry ever imaginable (v.1-6). This grants us courage we didn't earn, but we have to keep the courage TOGETHER. How do we do courage together?

Passing around Personal Affirmations. Noticing something good someone did - and telling them. Ideally face to face, but a note, text, email is good. Especially if it is personal and specific. Little affirmations go a long way.

I think encouragement is the missing fuel for the emotional tank in Crosspoint. Wow. I'm guilty keeping my thoughts to myself. I just assume so much! Like I assume that Danialle knows I appreciate her jumping in to run Kidspoint for Karen. I should have told her that already. (I'm picking up the phone in a minute...)

Let's pass along an affirmation to each other. Why? Because that is how your brothers and sisters in Christ experience an 'intense sensory perception' ('fix our thoughts' Heb 3:1) of Jesus - through His church, His household. We can't get affirmed from ourselves. And there isn't much affirmation in everyday life. So we have to count on the church to en-courage.

Who's emotional tank are you going to pour into each today? this week?

Be encouraged! (Wait, that involves someone en-couraging you. See! We need each other?!)

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