Thursday, March 11, 2010

Curious about a Valuable Life

What else does en-couragement look like? Sharing In and About a Heavenly Calling

Sharing Important Details. Foundationally, we are 'holy brothers who share in the heavenly calling.' That is not sharing in theory. It's not future sharing. It's now sharing.

Your brother/sister in Christ has a heavenly calling. A God-given, detailed life so valuable Christ Jesus redeemed them. Wow. That is worth more than gold.
True or False: I like it when someone shows a genuine curiosity about the important details of my life. True? True!

Sharing life starts with simple curiosity in someone who's eternally valuable.

And being known well protects best from the danger of hard-heartedness (v.13b). It is an honor and a joy to KNOW and to be KNOWN!

So, who are you curious about now? 

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