Monday, March 22, 2010

Praying for Families and Churches of Cancer Fighters

More from my other cancer fighting friend.
Pray for her family. If there are kids particularly pray for them no matter the ages. My kids had to watch me become weaker and weaker. I could not do all the mom things I had always done so they picked them all up. Hard for me to watch, but I have never been prouder of them.
It was also scary for them to watch me sick and bald, yet at the same time we grew closer than ever. Protection for the kids from having to watch the worst moments.

Pray the church family and friends will help without having to ask. When people ask it is hard to come up with ways to help...and awkward to ask. I had people call and tell Bill [ed. her husband, the best man in our wedding] when they were coming to clean the house. It is very humbling when someone comes and cleans your toilets.
People would take the kids to their events for us and have them over to spend the night so they could forget the cancer for a bit. They brought food. They sent cards which were a great encouragement to me. I still have them all. Some shopped for us and just showed up with stuff. I was amazed and completely humbled by it all.
Most of all pray for her to find the place where you totally commune with God even when they are stealing your life with chemicals. It is a place that God holds your hand and gives you peace in the midst of the trial. It is a place where your spirit thrives and grows closer to God. It is a place like no other. It takes you deep.

Pray she will draw close to him and allow him to hold her up during the weak moments. I would never wish a cancer journey on anyone, but if you are in one it can be a time of tremendous spiritual growth which will deepen your relationships with family, friends and Christ.

Also I have a blog that I wrote throughout my journey. It is quiet raw with emotion but it might help her to read it. She will have to go back in the archives to the beginning...I started it right after my surgery.

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